Thursday, May 17, 2012

Legos for me!

In response to Jester's Trek - No LEGOs for you.

I believe Jester makes a very valid point as to the chances of a LEGO Rifter ever being developed. However, there is a counter-point that is also valid. While LEGO will not allow a Firefly lego set due to their reasoning of:
LEGO produces toys for children. Therefore all LEGO products, regardless of age target, must be content-appropriate for this core audience. With this in mind we have decided that as cool as the Serenity model is, the Firefly TV show and Serenity film contain content that is not appropriate for our core target audience of children ages 6-11.
He does not take into consideration the fact that our game is merely a sandbox world with spaceships. Where Firefly may have a appeal, EVE is merely a sandbox. If run by a group of 6-11 year olds, would the game be more suitable to said age group? I believe so. If EVE is what the players make it, then the game itself is for any age group. That's why the ESRB does not rate the online portion of video games because it changes constantly. People change. Games with people change.

Further, the point can be made that in terms of graphical representations of sex, drugs, and violence, EVE is about as offensive as Hello Kitty Online. No dancing girls, no blood, no gore, no heroin addicts, no strippers, and no death (we're capsuleers, we don't die). EVE online is boring if you believe that those things make a good game. We know this is not the case, but I digress.

Finally, if an EVE ship can't be built because it is a
 "product featuring repeated death, scams, non-consensual violence, rape jokes, porn, profanity, and various forms of hate crimes"
then how did the Star Wars franchise slip through such scrutiny? Repeated death, scams, non-consensual violence, rape jokes, porn, profanity, and various forms of hate crimes are a staple of the Star Wars universe. Remember that the Wookies were enslaved, Princess Leia was tortured, the jedi were wiped out, Han Solo owed debts that he refused to pay, the Empire destroyed whole planets, and rape jokes littered the whole series. There are still Lego sets featuring many of the ships and vehicles from this series, why not a spaceship from EVE?

Now, I know this point is moot, because its a rambling  and I have no say in what will happen. Yes, Jester is more than likely going to be right, but I feel that my point, if made by the right person, could change the outlook of the committee.

Until next time, fly safe

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