Monday, May 7, 2012

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Quote of the day: Fly it like you already lost it.

Finally, some action. I log in yesterday to find multiple reds in system, with Greenspan (My beloved CEO) taunting them in local. Apparently, he had lost a Talos to their stealth bombers a few minutes before. Feeling a rush of excitement, I offered my services in any way. I wanted to take these guys down. A friend offered up his Stabber as bait, but needed someone to fly it. I heartily offered up my clone, knowing he was stripped bare from his last entanglement. Its not worth having implants in null.

I undocked in the stabber, and crossed my fingers. Our stealth bombers were in position everywhere. The trap was laid. I flew circles, I pulsed a microwarpdrive, I got nothing. Then, they warped out. Scouts searched our nearby gates and found them in NWX. I moved to the station, jumped in my rifter, and headed to gate. Sitting at 50km, I waited for them to return as my friends searched NWX. Suddenly, a gateflash announces the fleet again, they were back. I burn to the gate, trying to get close enough to scram one. The closest target decloaks about 20km from me. However, he doesn't decloak long. Hes gone before I get there.

My fleet jumps back in system, moves to different positions, and begins their search. Suddenly, one of the reds, Santina (The one who bombed me days ago) appeared just off station. I jumped back, hit at about 30km from him, and moved quickly. Just before I get there, POP goes the bomber. I get close enough to grab his pod, but as I lock, he warps off. Worth a shot. I jump off to a gate to try and intercept the rest as they burned for safety. However, I see the pod instead! Hes only 50km from me, although I know I will not catch him. Sure enough, he evades me. The rest of the reds leave amid our taunting.

Dinner time.

After a quick dinner, I check back in with Greenspan and find that a fight is happening. Looking over local, there are about five neuts roaming about. Reading alliance chat, apparently I missed a Vagabond kill already. I undock in the Rifter, find my fleet, and warp off to the nearby gate. Suddenly, we hear that they are 100km off station from our gate. I turn and burn for their position, jumping in about 30 km from the fight. They have 2 Tornadoes, 1 Vagabond, a Tengu, a Raptor, and a very adventurous pod who wanted to watch. We had amassed a decent counter to this fleet, however, they had speed on us. I moved towards their position to tackle, however, I was quickly locked and primaried. Pop went my Rifter. I warped out in my pod, jumped back to station and grabbed my shiny new Tornado. With a good shield/resist fit, I was excited to test her mettle.

The fight had changed venues, they were now in NWX, about 100km off gate, and moving quick. I jumped in and ran with afterburner engaged. Not even close, they were burning better than 1km per sec, and I was moving just above half that. I turned back and selected a planet opposite the fight. I hit 150km from the nearest buddy, and I warped in. Apparently they noticed this plan, as they popped our fastest ship, a Firetail, and had burned away from the engagement. Even with my warp in, they were 70km from me. No-go. Bouncing around, I tried to get in range, but it wasn't happening. Greenspan gave the order to retreat, and I jumped back to station at 0. Waiting there, we saw local spike again, they weren't done with the fight.

Greenspan was in his slepnir, and saw them warp in at 70. My fearless leader burned toward them and opened fire, damaging the other vagabond into structure, forcing it to warp off. I burned toward them, but when I hit about 50km from Green, pop went the Slepnir. Not cool. He warped back to station, and I turned and burned back. Fast tackle got in on them, as well as another battleship. I burned quick to get 150km away, and turned back to the fight. Hitting the BS at 0, I locked up the nearest Tornado, just in time for it to warp off. The Vagabond returned, half shield and half structure. Green had warped to me, and all of us locked up the Vaga. Our tackle got him down, and a burst from our guns laid him out. Vagabond kill. GF all around. They will return, they loved that fight.

Things calmed down a bit after that excitement. After noticing an old ally in system with a neut, Genseric Tollaris (a fellow corp member)  called out that he was tackled in a complex. I warped to him, dropping the shields of the aggressor, but also noticing that Sabik had me locked up in his Cane. He wasn't shooting either of us. Local chat revealed that the neut was only blue to one corp in the alliance, and had thought they had captured a free kill. No problem, no harm, no foul.

Finally, bored out of my mind, I decided to go help reamau out. He was out in a nearby wormhole, scanning away. He was trying to find a high or low sec tunnel. Jumping into the C3, I was astonished by the number of signatures. I got a list of the ones he had already scanned, and selected a new signature. Bingo, wormhole! The other side was a Black Hole with only 3 signatures. We each selected one, and both found wormholes. His lead to more w-space, but mine was a pipeline to highsec. Score.

Upon inspection of our neighboring space, a friend found that the reds in our system had set up a POS. It was only days old, and hadn't fully charged its shields. Forming a quick fleet, we began our bash. I took a few free shots, but the night had worn me down. Time for bed.

What a fun night.

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