Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things you know

Quote of the day: Trust the things you know, not the things you used to know.

Another night, another bottle, another journey to highsec.

I logged in last night with a few buds sitting a system over, mining away at ice. They needed some extra guns in case of surprise, so I undocked my Tornado and jumped over. Sitting in a belt, watching them make big asteroids into small asteroids, our trigger fingers were getting itchy, so we warped off to a pair of in-gates and set up shop, watching closely for something we could kill. After an hour of waiting, only some blues had flown through. Nothing exciting at all. Thats the life in null I suppose, brilliant flashy experiences between the drudgery. Tonight was a drudgery night... for a minute.

After going AFK at a POS, I returned to find the mining expedition had called it a night. Now they needed a highsec run. I offered my services as a scout, and was invited to fleet. Undocking in my Rifter again, I felt much lighter and happier. I always enjoy zipping around. We began our perilous journey back up the pipeline to high. Without the benefit of a known wormhole to take us back in a mere 6 jumps, we took our time. Patience paid off, as we avoided a few systems with some shady life, and were rewarded with a safe journey. Running around, I picked up and injected a few skill books. I was close to a lowsec system, so I decided to go sit on a gate, play the life of a pirate again. It has been a while, and it seems I have forgotten some rules.

As I sat at the gate, a Badger moved his way through. I tried to get at him, but he warped off. I sat on the gate, twiddled my thumbs some more, when the badger reappeared, 15km from the gate. I immediately knew he was on autopilot, and I moved to take it. Opening up my cannons, I was amused to watch his shields fail, just as my ship flashed a pretty explosion. Yeah, I had forgotten about gate guns. I noticed the consequences of assaulting a player in empire space slightly too late. I laughed about it with the pilot, as we both agreed I had spent way too much time in nullsec. Running back to Rens in my pod, I feared assault. However, shooting a pod is apparently uncommon for players in high. They're a different breed I imagine.

I finish refitting my new Rifter, and make my way back to the pipeline. My fleet was almost there, so I sat and pondered the universe in station. Undocking, we began a long journey home. We found no real action along the way, but had a few close encounters. A similar convoy was bringing cargo along the pipeline, and the appearance of my scout startled them. They played gate jumper with me as I powered through. I wanted to get back home.  A few jumps later, I sat on the station, watching as my little duckings followed me to the nest.

One last glass of bourbon.

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