Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off on my own

Quote of the day: Always defend what is yours.

It has been quiet. The last few weeks has found my corp, Galactic Alta Imperata, rather quietly moving to our friendly systems to assist their takeover in the Drone Regions. Being bored myself by the lack of fighting on home turf, and without my trusty Rifter, I jump cloned back to Highsec after a failed attempt at finding a passage through wormhole space. No nearby wormholes, no easy access. I made a rather easy run home, running into only one camp along the way. Speed rifters do not often get caught, though, when they do, its quite an embarrassing pop. Finally set up in our sister alliance's system, I ran back to 9QS to go help Greenspan with some drones. He was waiting on another, so I went out and popped some drones with my Tornado, having some fun watching the frigs instapop under my guns.

My Tornado got its second taste of action only a few weeks ago. After our fight in 9QS with the Stealth Bombers and random pvp gang, I got a chance to fight again. We had found our enemy POS in our nearby system of Z0G. Having some time and ammo to kill, I joined up with the bashing fleet to find that they had been bombed all day. I grabbed some buddies, and warped on the POS. Four stealth bombers orbited the core of the POS just inside the shield. They would often move out and cloak, prepare their run, and warp off. This usually resulted in little damage, but kept us on our toes. Every so often however, one would fly out for a quick bomb and run. As I watched these little bombers, I noticed one getting close to the shield. Calling out that he was about to break out, I locked him up. I took a quick shot, missing him. However, Boozer Hoover did not, scoring a quick Hound kill.Well done.

Angered by this, the bombing runs picked up. Of course, so did the mistakes. Another bubble run, another quick lock. This time I got a hit, however, dragonheart fire noticed his little mistake and fled back into the safety of his POS. Somehow, lag triumphed and even about 2km inside the bubble, the lasers popped his Rapier. Boozer Hoover's Apocalypse was fitted for quick locking, making a fool of the bombers. The Love The Bubble guys did well in their bombing runs, but finally lost too much, fleeing back home. The POS was killed 15 hours later, freeing our space once more.

Such fun times :)

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