Saturday, May 5, 2012

The first Eve blogpost

So, I started a blog. I suppose I am inspired to do so thanks to the semmingly dying number of Eve Bloggers out there. The blog packs also inspire me to start, because they show how interesting Eve really is. I find myself captivated by the musings and adventures of many other pilots, why not amuse myself as well?

So, this morning I woke up in a slight haze, the adventures of last night wearing off my system. A good 10 year small batch bourbon and a night of scouting. Our Alliance has found a wormhole to C5, and on the other side is a lowsec system. 6 jumps from a major trade hub, its a lucky find, and one that happens about once a month or so. Needing supplies for the station, I scouted out a safe trip to and from the beautiful hub, and I passed out from sheer exhaustion combined with a delicious beverage.

As I logged in this morning, we had one neut in system, just sitting in a stealth bomber. My allies were jabbing back and forth with him, so I undocked in my Rifter and jumped in the standing fleet. Nothing special, I flew circles around the station, then warped off to check the belts. Nothing but rat drones and small wrecks, indicating that my allies had been mining recently. I warped off to check the gates, hit at 100, when I saw a gate flash. Seeing another neut pop in system, I waited to get a glimpse of what we might be in store for. NWX isnt really known for lots of action, but as a Loki decloaked, I reported it up. Another gateflash showed his buddy in a Talos. The Loki cloaked up, but the Talos was staring me down. At 120km, in a Rifter, I was less than afraid. Then I made my mistake.

Knowing that these guys were part of a WH gang that appeared in NWX, I warped back off to station at 0. I made a lethal error of not docking up. The talos wapred in about 40km from me, and locked me up. I hit dock, but he opened up on me, preventing my dock. Pop went my rifter, pop went my pod. I awoke in Rens, upset at myself for making such a tactical blunder, but I suppose I'm still shaking off the rust from a year overseas. I fitted up a spare rifter and headed back to the wormhole in lowsec.

Jumping to the last gate before my wormhole, I found a Stabber on gate, along with a Navy Slicer. Gatecamps don't bother me in my little speed ship, so i passed into the last system. I prayed for a decent placement as I saw the stabber burning to the gate. At 3k m/s, I knew he had a MWD fitted up, but my scram would negate that if he got too close. My hope was that he didnt have a scram of his own, or that he landed a good 30km away when I jumped. I hit my warp for the wormhole, and as I prepared, I saw he was 22k from me, burning at max. He must have had a scram fitted, because he was only a good 15km away when my warp drive engaged. I jumped into the WH and made it home safe. A point would have grabbed me from 20k, but maybe he was a bit newer to the pirate game. Maybe he had one and didn't use it.

Oh well, home safe with a new ship, maybe I'll find some action.

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